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⪼༺ Tophat Pirates ༻⪻

•━❪ Who are we? ❫━• We are a cool crew under the command of Jelte. We wish to grow our crew to become the greatest in the future! We have a lot to offer you, along with welcoming crewmates and EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Join us as we strive to grow, progress, and become even more powerful by creating strong alliances with other crews!

⊱--- What do we offer? ---⊰ ・┊➤ Assistance in Bloxfruit AOPG king legacy and GPO ・┊➤ Maxed out Crews ・┊➤ Active Giveaways ・┊➤ Raid Assistance ・┊➤ Weekly Tournaments ・┊➤ A Private Server (Level 5 Required) ・┊➤ Friendly Crewmates ・┊➤ Fun Activities ・┊➤ Divisions

** ♛ Division Requirements:** ⚝ Main Crew ➜ Exclusive Roles ⚝ 1st Division ➜ 25k+ Stats Overall ⚝ 2nd Division ➜ 15k Stats Overall ⚝ 3rd Division ➜ 10k Stats Overall ⚝ 4th Division ➜ 5k Stats Overall ⚝ 5th Division ➜ No Requirements

⊱--- What are our future plans? --⊰ ・➤More Private Servers ・➤Daily Giveaways ・➤More Divisions

⊱--- Who are we looking for? --⊰ ・➤Active and Loyal Members ・➤Division Commanders ・➤Private Server Suppliers ・➤Giveaway Hosts ・➤Advertisers ・➤Future Staff

What are you waiting for? Join us on out journey to become great! We also play in other games, so if you're interested join up!