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Unofficial BH12 Fan Server


Welcome to the Unofficial BarneyHunter12 Fan Server

Welcome to the BarneyHunter12 fan server. Ever since the original BarneyHunter12 server closed down. There hasn't been a true way for BarneyHunter12 fans to connect and talk in a safe environment.


  • You can get roles to be notified about new BarneyHunter12 videos, and streams.
  • Dank Memer.
  • You can ask other members to troll with you.
  • There are exclusive roles, permissions, and channels you can unlock just by being active.
  • You can connect with other BarneyHunter Fans.
  • You can post fanart or view fanart.

Hangout Game Activities We currently don't have a hangout game, but we plan on doing this in the future. Here are some things you can expect.

  • Trolling Suggestions - There will be a place in the map where games you can troll on are located. These are manually added by me (Owner). There will be a channel on Discord where you can add games.
  • Trolling Parties - This is going to be a place in the map where you can gather people to troll with. The party leader will chose a game from the list of games added, and everyone will be teleported.
  • Mini-Games - I plan on adding many types of mini-games. Like sword fighting, paintball, and much more!
  • Events - I plan making seasonal events with brand new mini games you guys can play.