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API Endpoints

Base URL:

All API endpoints may change at any time without notice and are in beta

All API endpoints have a ratelimit of 60 requests/60 seconds

Get User



Resolve a Discord ID to a Roblox ID. Include an optional ?guild=ID parameter if you'd like to retrieve their Roblox ID for that server. If you include the parameter and they don't have a Roblox ID saved for that server, then it'll simply return the primary account and "matchingAccount" will be null. All requests will have a "status" attribute which can be either "ok" or "error". If there's an error, then the error attribute will contain the specific text, such as if the user is not linked to Bloxlink.

Example Response #1

{ "status": "ok", "primaryAccount": "569422833", "matchingAccount": null }

Example Response #2 (error response)

{ "status": "error", "error": "This user is not linked to Bloxlink." }


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