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Bot Rules

This document exists to protect the integrity of our service, including our verifications, Discord bot, and other features. Violations of our rules will result in your access to the bot being restricted, either a Roblox ID blacklist (you will not be able to use your Roblox account on ANY Discord account with our service) or a Discord ID blacklist (your Discord ID cannot use Bloxlink so you will need to use a different Discord account).

Rule 1 - Abuse of our Service
You may not maliciously exploit our service, attempt to harm our service, etc. This includes spamming commands with the intent of slowing down the bot. Servers allowing users to abuse our service with no intent to fix the problem will result in the server getting blacklisted.

Rule 2 - Integrity Violation
You should own the Roblox accounts that you're linking to our service. If there's ever a dispute and the original owner of the Roblox account comes to us, we will permanently ban you from using our service.

Rule 3 - Etiquette Violation
Starting harmful rumors about the bot, causing drama in servers about the bot, witch-hunting staff members, etc., are all ban-worthy behaviors.

Rule 4 - Follow Discord's Rules
You must follow the Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines when you use Bloxlink.

If you're ever banned from our service, then you may submit an appeal. Appeals are not guaranteed and must be backed up with proof. We will not accept sympathy appeals aka "I promise not to do it again!".

You may email us at