Bot Commands




change, view, or reset your Bloxlink settings


restrict a Roblox user or group from verifying in your server


backup or restore your stored Server Data


enable/disable a server add-on


transfer your Bloxlink premium


enable/disable commands from a channel


subscribe to certain Bloxlink events. these will be posted in your channel(s).


change the profile picture and name of _most_ Bloxlink responses


view someone's personal profile


scan your server for ban-evaders


learn about Bloxlink!


bind a discord role to a roblox group, asset, or badge


learn how to receive Bloxlink Premium


enable/disable commands globally or per channel for non-admins


view the command list, or get help on a certain command


lock your server to group members


bind a discord role to non-group members


find Discord IDs in your server that are linked to a certain Roblox ID


view information about Bloxlink


invite the bot to your server


view the current stats of Bloxlink


measure the latency between the bot and Discord


set-up your server with Bloxlink


view your Bloxlink premium status


change or view your prefix used for commands


delete a role bind from your server


retrieve the Roblox information of a user


view your server bound roles


Bloxlink is the largest Roblox Discord Bot, empowering over 400,000 servers