List of Bot Commands




link your Roblox account to your Discord account and get your server roles


change, view, or reset your Bloxlink settings


backup or restore your stored Server Data


subscribe to certain Bloxlink events. these will be posted in your channel(s).


transfer your Bloxlink premium


change the profile picture and name of _most_ Bloxlink responses


view someone's personal profile


scan your server for ban-evaders


learn about Bloxlink!


bind a discord role to a roblox group, asset, or badge


change your prefix, or view your prefix


learn how to receive Bloxlink Premium


find Discord IDs in your server that are linked to a certain Roblox ID


scan your server for ban-evaders


enable/disable commands globally or per channel for non-admins


manage the nickname users are given by Bloxlink


view the current stats of Bloxlink


lock your server to group members


view all of your Data saved under your Discord ID


retrieve the Roblox information from a member


set the priority of bind nicknames


change your linked Roblox account in a server


view the command list, or get help on a certain command


set-up your server with Bloxlink


bind a discord role to non-group members


toggle commands in the current channel for non-admins


delete a role bind from your server


measure the latency between the bot and Discord


force update everyone in the server


create a special channel where messages are deleted


view your Bloxlink premium status


retrieve the Roblox information of a user


invite the bot to your server


force update user(s) with roles and nicknames


view your server bound roles


Bloxlink is the largest Roblox Discord Bot, empowering over 200,000 servers