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PTFS ROLEPLAY GROUP ═════════════════ PRG is an active and friendly community with daily roleplays! ═════════════════ • ✈️ Flights: Commercial Flights, Celebratory Flights, Space Flights, Formation Flights ═ • 🛬 Landing Competitions: Smooth Landings, Crosswind Landings, Advanced Landings (fog + crosswind + night) ═ • 🗣️ Trainings: Train to become Flight Staff working as ground crew, flight attendants, gate agents, and more ═ • 🏎️ Races: Air Races, Ground Crew Vehicle Races (PTFS Grand Prix) ═ • 🪖 Military: Air Force One, Carrier Operations, Bomber Escort, Military Airdrops ═ • 🆘 Rescue: Emergency Landings (Ditching), Coast Guard Roleplays, Ambulance Airlifts ═ • 🛩️ Other: ATC Sessions, Landing Challenges, Hide and Seek ═════════════════ Other server events include game nights, giveaways, questions of the day, competitions, and more! ═════════════════ 👇 Join today! 👇